Kite Spots – São Luís

The wind in Atins was not so good any more and we decided to leave the place before. The destination? São Luís. We had already the ticket from there to Salvador, so we thought the idea to spend some days there was nice.

São Luís is the capital of the state of Maranhão. The last of the northeast area (that begins down in Bahia). It’s the only  Brazilian city founded by the French, and was occupied by the Dutch. The name is in honor to the king of France, Louis XIII. The natives were the indians from the Tupinambá tribe. The remnants of the 3 cultures (including the Portuguese) may be noticed on the architecture and gastronomy, for example. Are you curious about this place? So, let me try to bring you there with your imagination. 

The trip until there is amazing but also a bit boring (road part). We left Atins on a fast and small boat until Barreirinhas (we were 4 in this boat and 3 of us full pack, so, even if it’s small they know how to organize everything). This part of the trip is just wonderful! Nature, nature, and more nature!🐸🐵🐠🌴🌳 We did a stop on the Monkey’s Island to have fun with a lot of monkeys jumping from a brunch to the other or coming closer to try to steal our food. After 10′ we keep cruising until the port of Barreirinhas, where the taxi was waiting to drive us directly to São Luís. All this services were organized from Marco on our Pousada in Atins.

Atins - Barreirinhas4featured atinsMonkey Island PatrikAtins - BarreirinhasAtins - Barreirinhas1Monkey Island3Atins - Barreirinhas3Atins - Barreirinhas2

After close to 5 hours on the road (bad road) we finally arrived there. One of us had directly the flight to Europe but only in the night, so he wanted to enjoy the city before. We stopped in the airport to check the possibility to check-in his bags (including kite) or to storage it there while he could enjoy a small tour around the city. The bad new is: there is no space for kite equipments in the airport. It’s a shame! As some of us wanted to spend some days in the capital, we should search for a hotel, and our friend could let his pack at our place until the time to go back to the airport. And this was what we did.

Marco also suggested us about the hotel and it was nice. The Pousada Portas da Amazonia is very simple but good for some days. Directly in the historical center, not so far from the airport, with cafes, restaurants and taxis around.

The old city of São Luís is a bit abandoned. The smell in some areas is not the best, some bars or snack places seems so dirty, and mostly of the time the best is to go to the new area of the city. There you have the beach and the chance to kite, full of space to set your equipment, not so flat but good to enjoy if you have a time here. They have in the area also some good and cheap restaurantes and hotels. So, my tip is: if you are going to kite, stay on the new area of the city, if you search for history, the old one.

Old Town São Luís

After the second day we got bored and decided to leave again. As the price to change the flight to Salvador was so expensive, and the state of Maranhão is just the neighbor of the Amazon Rain Forest, i suggested that we could go to Belém, a big city, with airport, inside the Amazonia, and just 1 hour flying. So, let’s go out of the plan and enjoy the opportunity. So guys, see you in our unexpected next destination: Belém do Pará!

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