Kite Spots – Atins

I need to admit that when we started our research for new spots, Atins intrigued me more than the others. Probably because there was not as much informations about this place, probably because I was predicting how exciting it is to explore a part of Brazil still so uncontaminated.

Atins is a small fisher village on the extremely north of the northeast, in the state of Maranhão. It’s the east door for the stunning wet desert on the Park of Lençóis Maranhenses (subject of the next post). Are you curious as well about this place? So, let’s start this adventure!



If you are following this kite trip you already read the post before when we were in Barra Grande. While we were still there we started to search for the best way to arrive to Atins. The agency NATUR offered us the best price and commodity. They were so fast and really kind since the first contact.

The options were:

🏁 Car (5h) + boat (15′) 

Departure from Barra Grande at 8am on a 4 x 4 car until Caburé where we hop on on a boat and cruise the river for around 15 minutes until the beach of Atins, where someone from the pousada was waiting for us. More 10 minutes until we finally arrived.

The way from Barra to Atins is divided in good roads, medium quality and no roads. The last part is practically over the sand, trough the dunes or beside the beach and in some moments on the quicksand.

The view is amazing many times. Endless ocean, endless dunes, pieces of trees cut by the water that advances more and more.

It’s important to have some snacks and drinks during this trip. There are not as much options in between for a stop.

surf sem fim atins

caburé atins barreirinhas

Atins - Barreirinhas4

🏁 Car (1:30h) + boat (4h) + car (2h) + boat (15′)

This second option departure from Barra also at 8am until the Tatus Port in Parnaíba, where you hop on on the fast boat and cruise for 4 hours, including the Delta Path until Tutóia. There you hop on on the 4 x 4 and drive other 2 hours until Caburé, where you take the boat and cross the river for 15 minutes until the beach of Atins.

We decided for the first option because it was faster and not as much changes to do with all the equipments we had. And also because it costs less, R$820,00. The option 2 costs R$1.250,00.

Once we were located, we realize how special is that place: no mobile sign, the electricity arrived since only 3 months and it’s not present everywhere, it’s really you and the nature.


As I announce before, the place is not so explored yet. There are not as much options of accommodation. There is no one pousada directly on the beach, also because with the fast movements of the dunes and sea they risk to loose the property. Thinking about this we choose the closest one, MARESIA. Another item that push us to decide for this was that the owner is also a surfer.

Marco was really nice, since the contact we had by mail before until our good bye at the Barreirinhas Port. He tried all the time to go give us the support we need and realize our wishes (even when it was close to a mission impossible).

Inside the property they have also a restaurant and the food is really delicious! Pizza (huge), juices, açaí, etc. Some people who stay in another accommodation go there to drink and eat something on the night.

The room was really nice, the shower under the bouganville tree is amazing! The only disadvantage was the distance to the beach; to walk every day, twice per day with the equipments, under a strong sun and burning sand, was not so nice.

atins pousada

atins pousada 2

Other option is Cajueiro. The owner is also an Italian, Diego, and they have the best choco soufflé in the world. This was a daily appointment, us and the choco cake. They have an amazing are to hang around, under the caju trees, the food is also good, and they have a shuttle service to the beach, what become much better the effort to go for kite everyday.

Honestly they are the better 2 accommodations for who is going for kite.


Kite, eat, sleep, walk, eat again, kite, hang around, eat… If you stay all the time in the village this will be your routine. The life seems stop since years in the piece of Brazil.   Atins is that place where you rediscover simple things that we are loosing, like talk to each other. Yes, without phone we need to find the way to not get bored and to be interesting also to the others around. So, tell histories, look to each other, relax, turn off from the world.

I had so intense feelings over there. My mind reach a very clear level of desires, dreams, what is really important, what I can change… And i have to say, after this adventure go to the toilet will never be the same, Atins is full, FULL, of frogs.🐸🐸🐸

For the days the wind will not blow as you expect, the option is to do the tour for the Lençóis, but it’s an amazing place and it deserves an own post.

🎏The conditions for the sport are amazing: flat water, endless space, not crowded, and wind. You only need to think about the tide (if you wanna kite close to the beach). Otherwise you can go directly to the open ocean and enjoy the waves.

IMPORTANT: some of the fishers fight with the kite surfers when they go over the sign they put to prevent the entrance on “their lagoon”. They think the sport is moving away the fishes. So, stay aware about it if you see one of them start to scream with you and moving the hands as asking you to leave the area.




atins ma16

atins ma10

atins ma15

atins ma11

atins ma13

atins ma12

atins ma8

atins ma9

atins ma5

atins ma7

atins ma6

atins ma2



Another option of tour during your stay here is the cruise until Barreirinhas, but this is the same way to leave, so, maybe is better to do it directly when You finish your trip.

You need a boat from Atins until Barreirinhas, where a car should will wait on the port to bring you directly to São Luís. We had it organized for the guys on the pousada. Folk, the trip is amazing! Cruising the river, with so much green around, dunes, the island full of monkeys (where we stop for a while)… The 1 hour past so fast. The part from Barreirinhas to São Luís is a bit boring, car, bad roads, and long…

Atins - Barreirinhas1

Atins - Barreirinhas2

Atins - Barreirinhas3

Monkey Island3

Monkey Island4

Atins - Barreirinhas

Monkey Island

Monkey Island Patrik

Monkey Island2

The days in Atins take so long to pass, but it give us time enough to relax. It’s totally another rhythm of life. You have to go there prepared for that, and tell to someone that maybe wait for your contact everyday that it will be close to impossible for your season in that place. It was an amazing experience that will let signs in my life and i hope to be back soon!

The next post will be about the surround as i announced before, so stay tuned! And to say bye bye for you guys, 2 imagines of the amazing sky of this place!

céu de atins

céu de atins1

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