Kite Spots – Barra Grande

After 10 days in Guajirú it’s time to decamp and move more to the north in the direction of another state, Piauí, where our next spot is, the name of this amazing place: BARRA GRANDE!

The trip with the 4 x 4 car until here was really quite, easily you can arrive as well with a normal rental car. But, of course, with the local drivers you save time, they know all the shortcuts, and it will make your trip much more pleasurable. Details of this route on the map. If this will be your first spot you can fly to Teresina and pick up the transfer to Barra (400Km) or to Fortaleza and drive around 457km until the destination.

Ilha de Guajiru - Barra Grande

It was funny to arrive in Barra Grande, because immediately after the entrance we were on the Pousada, so the first impression was: it’s a small village! 😀

Can I already tell i loved it much more than Ilha de Guajirú? Ok, i didn’t have time enough to explore the place where I’ve been before, but anyway Barra is such an AMAZING place, the reasons? I give them to you right now:

🎏 Nice people;

🎏 Delicious food;

🎏 The pousadas are awesome;

🎏 The beach also,

🎏 And the lagoon it’s amazing!

Let’s start from the begin! 😀


When we decided to put this spot in our tour (around 7 months before the trip) and we start to do researches, the hotel where we would like to stay was overbooked, the BGK. In this case we decided for the second option, Ventos Nativos, and fortunately they had one room yet.

Mathiew (from Ventos Nativos) was since the beginning very kind and fast with our requests. But when we arrived there he was not on the place, we had a different room from the one we booked, problems with the shower and we had to please everyday to fix it (and it happened only at the end). For all the other details the place is really nice: great bangalôs, nice bar in front of the beach with kite area, shower, service, etc.

The main difference between them is: the size and the pool on the BGK. The style is the same, the position as well (ok, the BGK is a bit closer to the lagoon and the area on the sea in front is better to kite, but the distance is just about some meters from one to the other).

Another good place to stay there is the Manati (talking about quality) and Pousada do Fred (talking about position). The other Pousadas i’ve not been inside to check, some of them, even if smaller, are close to the beach as well. Anyway I let you a map with other options:



As it’s clear I’m not a pro, all the tips I can give here it’s about what I hear and observed for who understand much better than me.

Mostly of the people that visit Barra Grande in this season come from outside of Brazil and specifically to kite: Switzerland, Germany, Poland… So, during the week the beach is invaded for the surfers and, during the weekends they have to share (and take care) with the locals in the water.

But, the amazing part of Barra for the kite is the lagoon. So, you just start your session in the beach, and go downwind until the stunning lagoon. It’s about 30′ until there, and the best time to go will depend of the tide. All the conditions are perfect: flat water, windy,  and a lot of space!

There is no structure like bar, so, in case you need something to drink or eat, bring it with you. Some guys book the service of the transfers (with the mules) until there or just to come back (and you don’t need to come upwind). They ask around R$40,00 the total cart to go and R$20,00 per person to come back. As imagines says more than 1000 words…

BG 2015










Lagoa Barra Grande


Barra Grande Lagoon Brazil

Random BG2


I am so happy to talk about this chapter! Barra Grande was an amazing surprise on this topic, i had so nice food, and as the place is small you reach all of the restaurants walking on the sand streets. You can have typical meals with modern and international arrangements. I didn’t have the camera during the dinners, but I let you suggestions about places and meals (in order of preference):

Manga Rosa

🍴Carne seca com purê de abóbora e banana – Dry meat with pumpkin pure and banana

🍴Patinhas de caranguejo – Crab fingers

🍴Moqueca de arraia – Sting ray moqueca

🍴Torta gelada de chocolate e bacurí – Choco cold cake with bacurí (a fruit from Amazonia)

La Cozinha

🍴Entrada de frutos do mar – Seafood starter (shrimps, fish, etc)

🍴Carpaccio de salmão/atum – Tuna/salmon carpaccio

Trabalha Brasil

🍴Peixe na brasa – Grilled fish

The food on La Cozinha was really delicious, but the service not the best and the price was the highest on the area. That’s the reason why “Manga Rosa” is on the top; service, quality and price was very good!

If you don’t want to spend so much money on food, the option is the bakery in the center square, they offer PF (prato feito). It’s a system that they create your plate, in general you have rice, beans, a kind of salad and a meat, and you will pay “nothing” for that.


The sun is a show apart here. When it rise and even more when it goes down. So it’s absolutely what you should do at least one day, seat and appreciate!

Other options are, in addition to the kite, walk in the opposite side of the lagoon and discover that area. There is close to nobody, some fishermen coming back from the sea, people who like to walk, and no one else. To enjoy the natural pools in the ocean when the tide is low. Go for an açaí or some drinks on the restaurant of the BGK, or to seat for a drink on the “Trabalha Brasil”. Do nothing and just relax it’s also a good alternative. 😀

There are also some tours with the local guides, for example to Cavalo Marinho & Fraldão. They are organized by the fishermen association on the center of the village.

Go out in the night for food and some drinks, and then hang around listening some guys playing live music.


Barcos BG



Sunset day 7 BG

sunset barra grande

Barra Grande was an amazing surprise for me. Since the beginning of my researches i was already excited about it. And it worth it! I loved the place, the people, the food, the nature, everything was speechless! ❤

I let you enjoying a video from Bruna for Surfin Sem Fim (Endless Surf) for a very nice option of tour for who want to explore more the area with the kite and overcome this challenge.

To read about the spot where we have been before just click here.

It’s time again to decamp and go more north, so, keep with us and follow our next steps!

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