Kite Spots – Ilha de Guajirú

ROTA DAS EMOÇÕES (The Route of Emotions) – BRAZILIAN NORTHEAST 2015/16

We were still in the month of June when we decided to start our trip planning project on the Northeast coast of Brazil, landing in Fortaleza and departure, at the end of the kite tour, from São Luís do Maranhão in direction of the south part of the Northeast – Salvador da Bahia. The main reason of this trip, as I just mentioned before, is the Kitesurf, so, we are searching for amazing spots, villages still unexplored (or the least possible), flat water, and the perfect wind. Consider to start to plan this trip at least 6 months before is  the best you can do, specially because of the accommodations. Ready to follow us on this adventure? So, let’s go!



The first step was: find a very nice ticket from Europe to Brazil. The TIP here is: if you are traveling with all your sport equipment but you also would like to explore more places in the country, try to book a flight arriving on a place and departing from another. In this case we land in Fortaleza and departure back to Europe from Salvador. We booked the flights directly on the TAP website, on the option “multi city” flights.

Prices go from EU850,00 to EU1.200,00 if you search for it months before, like us. Then you have to consider the amount for your sport equipment, and it’s around EU150,00.

!! As soon as you arrive in the airport, check your equipment, and in case something is damage, reclaim it immediately on the LL section of the company. Otherwise you will probably have problems to do it later. The net works so bad in some spots, and, once you do it by phone or mail you don’t have the same guarantees !!

!! Another advice is to book your inland flights in Europe, doing this you save all the time and money you can spend in the Brazilian airports flying from one place to the other. For example: to fly from Fortaleza to Salvador you pay for the kite an average of R$24,00 per kilo, and they send you from one side of the other to do the payments !!



Once we had the long-distance flight booked, we started to plan the inner route. So, the initial idea is:







7 – SALVADOR – BAHIA (For Christmas time with the family and from where we fly back to Europe).

We booked some internal flights with the miles. If you have a star alliance member card, and you are doing like us, planning your trip in advance, you can try to do the same and save a good amount of your money (internal flights in Brazil, specially during the summer season, cost a lot).

We considere about to go down to Rio by car because there are so many good beaches in between, so, the idea is to explore the south of Bahia and enjoy TRANCOSO, ITACARÉ, ARRAIAL DA AJUDA e PORTO SEGURO.



1 – Fortaleza – Ilha de Guajiru

I have to confess that when we arrived to this point i got chocked! Yes, because the prices are absurdly high!!! Ok, if you are traveling in a group and can share the payment, and you are full of equipment, it could also not be so hard, but alone it’s unbelievable to think that an internal flight costs 70,00 euros and the shuttle from the airport of Fortaleza to Ilha de Guajiru ( around 230km) costs 130,00. I am not willing to pay all this amount, so i looked for an alternative. The options are:

a)  rent a car in the airport,

b)  take a bus until Itarema and there a taxi to Guajiru.

To rent the car we should pay around 25,00 euros per day, but, in Guajiru we will not use it, so, i canceled this option for the list. But, it could be perfect if you are traveling with friends and go up more north to other spots.

Our first spot in the northeast of Brazil is here, in Ilha do Guajirú. This is a strip of sand considered an island and belongs to the municipality of Itarema.


From the international airport of Fortaleza to the island you spend a minimum of 3 hours by road. Many private transfers are offered to pick you up in the airport and bring you directly to your pousada in Guajirú. Mostly of the surfers do it because of the commodity, specially if you are traveling full packed. They cost around EUR130,00. If you are traveling in a group it’s excellent, but if you are traveling alone and you don’t mind about the commodity but think about how much money you can save, the good option is the bus from the Airport or the Bus Terminal in the center of Fortaleza (only 10 minutes from the airport) to Itarema, where you can take the taxi or the private transfer to your pousada for a total cost of EUR30,00. You can book your ticket directly on the website of the company Fretcar (remember that you need to validate your ticket on the balcony of the Fretcar in the terminal before you go the bus), or to buy it immediately before your trip.

OBS: they don’t show on the website all the schedule they have to this route, so, check before in the agency what’s the real time they departure.

The trip was so quite and safe. Long, but quite. There is no mobile sign in the way, and the bus stop some times until we arrive to the destiny. Be prepared with some food and drink because there is only one chance to do it in between. When the bus arrives to Itarema don’t get scared when you realize you need to hop off in the middle of the street and they have only mototaxi on the stop. The guys find you a taxi to bring you to the pousada. Tell them exactly where you wanna go, because they have 2 places called Guajirú.


As in many spots on the northeast of Brazil, the number of pousadas (how they call the small accommodations, close to the beach) is big. But, if you are traveling like us, searching for good winds and trying to enjoy as much as you can your trip, the priority here is the distance to the beach. Nobody wants to go ahead and back with the equipments everyday for long distances, right?

The base in Guajirú was the 7Beaufort. The locations is perfect, just in front of the beach. The staff is very kind, breakfast and accommodations as well.


If you still have energy after all the kite sessions you will have during the day, the options here is: to relax on the pool or in the bar of the pousda, walk on the island or go to Itarema for food (specially).





From Ilha we went up more north with a 4 x 4 transfer until our, AMAZING, next stop! We payed for this service R$550,00. The driver was Rafael, his phone number is +8596885518. You can contact him by whatsapp. He was very friendly and responsible during the total trip.

Stay tuned and follow us in the next spots!

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